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Ready To Be Branded For 2017 AK-47 100% Legal Herbal Spice For Sale K2 Alternative 5G

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Ready To Be Branded For 2017 AK-47 100% Legal Herbal Spice For Sale K2 Alternative 5G
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Ever wanted to "fire" the AK-47? Brand new product medically sealed legal Incense. Very potent with a strong scent. Good product strongly recommended and ships to every state in the US. This is a k2 alternative that is very effective. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Disclaimer: Package says this is not intended for human consumption. Any unlawful consumption of this product is the sole responsibility of the consumer.
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Rating get it
The ak-47 sounds crazy but it was quite mild. Very good if you have to be around people and not look zoned out.
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Reviewed by:  from Mississippi. - 8/2/2014
Rating very nice
One hitter quieter....very nice...worth getting
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Reviewed by:  from central new york. - 7/18/2014
Rating Very nice
I ordered AK-47 but was sent a different blend, but since I can't find that blend for sale on this site, I'll just review it here. On the pack it said "Xtreme Aromatherapy" with a picture of flowers. It had a very nice smell, and was incredibly fluffy. I really liked it, very nice and smooth. Will definitely buy from here again!
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Reviewed by:  from USA. - 3/25/2015
Rating Will shot AK-47 over and over
Hy peeps my name is john alanis And I would recommend ak-47 for everyone who loves to get up in the clouds without failing a DT It's i a one hitter quitter but I personally take two so that I sleep like a log it last for quite a bit and do also like it better than the real stuff do to instant effects and the smell amazing. I oderd something different and I will let u guys know how it is as soon as I get it
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Reviewed by:  from Utah USA . - 10/12/2015
Rating This site is legit sh!t
I love this site only place I trust over all as for ak it''ll definitely fire you right up after a long hard day 6 thumbs up
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Reviewed by:  from MT. - 1/5/2016
Rating Too strong
This stuff is awesome if you want to feel like you've done every drug at one time. I for one do not want to feel that way which is why I threw what was left of mine away.
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Reviewed by:  from usa. - 11/19/2015
Rating Pretty Good
Strong potent blend with a very good smell to it. While most smell like plant or slightly like catnip, this one on the other hand smelled delicious and one burn was all it took. Very strong blend. If you order from these guys, know they are awesome people but the USPS SUCKS BAD! So just because It might take you a long while to get your product, it isn't the sites fault and it is really worth the wait. You get great product every time and they work with you every step of the way. Just remember. They have NO control over USPS and how quickly they work to get your package to you. All they can do is give a tracking number and hope the post office doesn't screw it up for the millionth time
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Reviewed by:  from Arkansas. - 11/25/2015
Rating Great herb
Best herb I have ever smoked just ordered more today can't wait too bad usps is slow as hell
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Orange va. - 12/30/2015
Rating Spicetime
It been too months since I've ordered it and it lasted a long time I still have some and I roll one everyday. Its pretty good I would buy more if I every run one. It is good for one hit, that's all you need.
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Reviewed by:  from Anywhere. - 10/7/2015
Rating Whoa!!
I had ordered a different type but they were out and sent me this instead, which is perfectly fine. But be careful, this is way stronger than what I usually order so, when the site says if they are sold out they will select one just as good if not better they really weren't kidding!!
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Reviewed by:  from Custer. - 11/19/2015
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